Almond tofu and basil pesto

almond tofu and basil pesto

 When I get home from work starts my challenge “mystery box” I’m late, I’m hungry and so little time, I open the refrigerator and the challenge starts … Today the pantry out tofu, almonds and basil. The result gave me a great taste in very little time, right to cooking pasta or so! Great for pasta or Croutons, but also put on vegetables from Browning in the oven by adding some bread crumbs and some flakes of almonds, or can turn into tofu burgers and accompany them with salad! In addition as other pests we can put what advances in a jar covered with oil and reuse it in different ways in the following days.

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Almond tofu and basil pesto

 Ingredients to a jar (or 3/4 hamburger menu but among them)

1 stick of white tofu
4 cherry tomatoes or cherry tomatoes
1 sprig of fresh basil
1 handful of almonds
1 teaspoon of turmeric
Salt pepper
Extra virgin olive oil

Boil the water in which you will put before the pasta the brick of tofu (cut into chunks) to cook for a few minutes.
almond tofu and Basil
Prepare the pesto by placing the mixer first almonds, basil, cherry tomatoes and turn the mixer for the first finely minced almonds, so as to reduce, then add gradually while the mixer runs all the other ingredients including tofu that you drained the water, adjust the density with oil and even a bit of pasta cooking water. Use the pesto you need to dress pasta, adding to decor some roughly chopped tomato and some basil leaves, then place the rest of the pesto in a glass jar and cover with olive oil. Consumed in a few days!
almond tofu and Basil
If you want to turn the mixture into burgers don’t put oil in the mixer when the mix then use a pastry rings placed directly into the Pan where you will put the mixture crushing it with a spoon, fry a few minutes remove the cookie cutters, then turn it carefully and the help of a spatula, a few minutes on each side and serve with salad!

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