Salad season!

Mixed salad with carrot Apple and Borage flowers
Mixed salad with carrot Apple
and Borage flowers
Easter celebrations are already a distant memory, while spring blossoms and summer is looming around the corner!!!
It's time to detox and get in shape!

From across the web they get inspiration and advice on how and what to do,

or get tips on what foods are best suited to cleanse ourselves and detoxify
One of these fundamental principles on which everyone agrees is that raw fruits and vegetables along with whole grains, represent the natural help not only to get rid of accumulated toxins, but because they contain vitamins, minerals and fiber, are not to ever forget what essentials to feed upon!
It follows that salad season has started!


Salad with Apple, cheese and Basil
Salad with Apple, cheese and Basil
Spinach Salad with sesame seeds
Spinach Salad with sesame seeds
I love the salads, for only I do huge bowls full of raw vegetables of all kinds, especially of those so-a km 0 from local farmers markets, preferably organic.
At this time here you will still find the latest winter vegetables along with the first fruits of spring or to those found throughout the year.
In my fridge there are carrots, Endive, fennel, Arugula, baby spinach, Borage with a few flowers, field radichietti, basil, radishes, dandelion (detoxifying, purifying, diuretic, that must be why in romagna we call it vulgarly "pee in bed"?!?!), if you find it used watercress (seems to be a very useful addition to rest the much-hated combattettere antioxidant free radicals!), finally the tomatoes but for now still come from southern Italy.
With all these vegetables I find it easy to explore with the salads!
Sometimes I also add diced tofu stir-fries (so I put protein dish), I add a fruit type an Apple into cubes or slices and when I find it and it is nice mature even avocado that is fine, even if it isn't a km 0!
For garnish, or as an alternative to tofu, a bit of pecorino or Parmesan cheese (I recommend not do as Americans in the Cesar salad in Miami brought me the grated Parmesan, the salad was immasticabile!!) Finally I never forget a bit of pumpkin seeds sunflower, Sesame, type etc. they do very well if you'd like to learn more see here, here and here
I don't tough, because the roasting does lose some of their properties, or if you really want to go for a light toasting toasting it, trying to lose less possible substances with heat!
Seasoned to taste, but don't forget a splash of lemon!
Now that you've put everything you can enjoy your inhaled!
Caprese, but not only!


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