Parsley pesto

Despite the warm tropical effect Bangkok, in recent days, the summer is drawing on its last legs and I’m preparing my plagues to put in freezer in jars to make them taste even in winter!
In summer several experiments I made one very similar to the original version of pesto sauce, at least in principle, inspired to a recipe of Maestra Giorgia Ladokun, but clearly with some variation.
So here’s my version of the parsley Pesto that loved you Diners with whom I shared it!


75 g Parsley
100 g Almonds
50 g Parmesan
75 g Pecorino
3 anchovies in oil
2 dried chilies
Salt and pepper
Extra virgin olive oil

Chop up the ingredients mixer, starting with almonds and adding others but hand, until it is almost creamy texture.

Put the mixture in glass jars by alternating a layer of compound with one of oil up on top of the jar.
You can use it for pasta, but it can also make croutons for a drink with friends.
Remember to freeze some pot to have in the winter the scents of summer!

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