Thailand-Chapter 3 Curry curry curry!

Duck in red curry
Duck in red curry
Now we have gained greater awareness of this cuisine and its specialties, so in the days following the gastronomic itinerary we venture to order different dishes from the usual rice or noodles, we run clinical trials and we tried soups; King prawns with tamarind; shells unspecified, immediately sent it back because it impossible to eat because you want to open one by one with your fingernails and sea flavor too strong, but the real find were the curries, unlike the first time we came in Thailand (when probably eat them in a wrong place) and there seemed bad, now we become true fans! Yellow, red, green, if done well, they are all delicious, you can pair them with your favorite meat or shrimp, mushroom and vegetable even ask.

 We are going to try them by Queen of curry Bangrak district (walking distance from the hotel Shangri-La) sky train station Saphan takin (just a short walk from the stop) where for 620 thb we tasted a red curry with coconut milk with duck and vegetables, and a yellow one with coconut milk with beef and vegetables perfectly delicious, the Queen has a lot more on menus but remember that closes early in the evening (at 10:00 the kitchen closes) and that however is cuter in outdoor, out on the sidewalk is full of cockroaches! Dine inside if you don't like these things!!!

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