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Today I renew my Christmas present!! I feel excited like a kid on Christmas morning while begins to unwrap the presents under the tree! That's the feeling I'm trying while I'm here I write the first post of the new Blog!

Yes, I did buy a domain, housting ( and switching to WordPress, perhaps not everyone will understand, but let me explain; for those who write a Blog get this gift is like a biker go from a scooter to a street bike, or a motorist from a 600 (and I mean 500 600, because now is a fashion victims and the comparison would shrink away) to a Ferrari!

Now you understand my excitement? And you will also understand why there is a bit of time since I published a post! … you have to learn to drive the Ferrari before going on the road!

Well, now we road the Ferrari!


This post is dedicated to my site and in this new adventure, this new journey, to be an inspiration to those who think long (as I did in the long I), but have not yet taken this step.

As I said, been a while since I've been thinking about this. Blogger, which is great to take your first steps into the world of blogs, began to keep tight especially from a graphical point of view, so browsing through my favorite blogs I realized that the most beautiful (and here I speak of pure aesthetics and presentation, not content) were made with WordPress.

If you are interested in deepening and giving details of the differences between Blogger and WordPress as I did before deciding what to do and where to go is there who knows much more than me and I can explain much better, for example here.

But back to me, once you understand the power of WordPress I initially started to consider changing only CMS and to move from one to the other by carrying everything on, then as I read and I did some research on how to do this step and I began to take the first steps, I also understand the difference between WORDPRESS.ORG and WORDPRESS.COM so I realized that it wouldn't change much if I just moved to To get what I wanted, I wouldn't have enough to only one domain, but I needed a hosting service optimized for WordPress.

If we are thinking about you too I recommend a couple of blogs that I have helped in the selection:

After much pondering I finally decided to move and take this step so I became and I started driving my new Ferrari! Among the many offers I chose easily and intuitively with all the services you need and perfectly optimized for WordPress!

If you want to do like me and take advantage of the special offer "GET ADVISE FROM a FRIEND" from sidegroud click here and good hosting to you too!

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