London between parks and walking trails

glimpses of apparent campaignLondon is always a wonderful city, every time I go back I discover new landscapes and never seen, corners of cities that continue to leave me speechless, even in the last recent visit I happened to ask me, "How can a metropolis of this caliber, conceal glimpses of apparent campaign? How can there be such a silence in Central London? ".

My London alternative, parks, walking trails

When it is no longer the first but not the second or third time you come to a city like this and you've gone through all the cultural "obligations", then you can start to enjoy the city like you're a Londoner on a Bank holiday, going peacefully to spend a few hours at the Park, without the agony of having to run from one Museum to another.

Walking through the paths of Hyde park could meet guys that sporty arrive with a bag, choose a swatch of grass and little Mary Poppins, they draw from the bag a volleyball laptop, the mount and within minutes are already playing as if it had always been there! To 16:30, if you booked, you can stop to take tea at The Orangery of Kensington palace between a pretzel and a scones be careful not to drink too much tea if you want to sleep! (… but who sleeps in London???)

If you decide to relax in Regent's park you might find yourself wandering around the rose garden Queen Mary's Garden, where during the first two weeks of June flowering is at its peak and you will enjoy stretches of stunning roses.

Queen Mary's Garden
Queen Mary's Garden

From here continue walking along the Regent's Canal you may even walk up to Victoria park via Camden Town, but be careful because you might be invited to take tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter!

If you get disOr, the London tea with Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hattertracted and go, taking advantage of a pedestrian path (1:40 and long lasting a total of 8 km approximately) which, if it were not because of a small underground section, stand beside the Canal, will be returned to a London landscape definitely unusual for Touristic itineraries and at least charming. Us for this time we only for a stretch of about thirty minutes but gave me the picture of a London landscape quite different from the ones seen so far!

Walking through London without ties another thing I love to do is get back in my favorite places ever since, among them the lovely square of Neal's yard where I never miss to buy something at Neal's yard remedies (which has further widened by creating its own spa!), over the weekend then there is my favorite market on Columbia flowers market that has lately become very famous and very popular so be prepared to queue neatly lined up to visit us in return you will be surrounded by a riot of colors between peonies, hydrangeas, tulips and. .. Of course food offered in a variety of ways, you might find even, as has happened to me, winking boy some oysters, and to Crown a picture with colors and scents will sure some musician to create the soundtrack for your lunch on the street, if you give a glimpse of Sun. ..

What do you think, would you want to leave to go see this London alternative?

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