Tamarind chicken soup

Today we return to ethnic tastes and my version of chicken soup to tamarindo.  Tamarind is a typical ingredient in Asian cuisine I tasted in a variety of combinations during my travels in Asia, still remember with tamarind crab ambush watering I munched on Phu Quoc Beach in Viet Nam now has quite a few years ago.

I read recently, among the recipes of a blogger I follow (elder Flower), a stew of chicken in tamarind and peanuts and since I love the tamarind, I decided to try it, then while I could have lent the preparation I changed direction and decided not to make a stew from the sauce, but rather a genuine Thai-style soup because if there is another thing I love is dunking a lump of glutinous rice in coconut milk sauce and I didn’t want to totally deprive me and my guests to this delicacy, especially if in the sauce there is also the taste of tamarind!

So I set off on a tangent and the recipe has become remotely inspired by the original!  Try it I’m sure you lick his whiskers, too!

 Tamarind chicken soup


prep time: 10  difficulty: easy   cooking time: 40 ‘

Ingredients for 3 people

500 g chicken pieces (drumsticks or thighs or 6 pieces)
1 can coconut milk
1 packet of Coconut cream
1 teaspoon cardamom long(Indian)  +  1 teaspoon cardamom round (Thai) (if you find one type will fit the same)
100 g of pulp of tamarind paste (ethnic stores)
1/2 lemon
1 teaspoon anchovy paste
20 peeled and chopped peanuts
Chili to taste (if you like a little hot soup)
3 coffee cup of rice (I use glutinous rice which can be found in ethnic shops)


In a casserole, or even better a wok put chicken pieces washing and drying them and cover them with coconut milk and cream, add the anchovy mashed, if you like a little spicy taste, you can also put a dried chilli or curry (me this time I didn’t) then cover with the lid and bring slowly to a boil.

Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, until the meat is soft. At this point add the two types of cardamom and the tamarind pulp and cook a little longer so that the tamarind melts and flavors blend well.

Once cooked, the result should be a nice soup, to which you will add a splash of lemon juice and seal in a pinch of ground peanuts.

Tamarind chicken soupServe and accompany your tamarind chicken soup with white rice, I as I told you I love to collect the sughino of these types of soups with that Thai glutinous (doesn’t mean that this rice contain gluten, but only designates a type of particularly sticky rice) which should be soaked for a few hours then baked 20 min crock-pot but you can use anything you like.

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