Now it’s Christmas

preparations for Christmas giftsThis morning, after doing my walk with Pinky typical vacation days, I was in quiet home to make preparations for Christmas, when suddenly the doorbell rings and Pinky as expected starts barking (which dog Sentinel that is!) answer the intercom, but obviously with the Pinky barking I do not understand almost nothing that tells me the guy on the other side of the wire. I can understand only “Curier” rest perplexed and repeat: “Curier??”  I’m going to say “look that has rung the Bell Curier” when he repeats: “Curier, Curier, Pack for Raffaella!”

“aaahhhhh! Courier!!! … I get off! “

I descend the stairs running up laughing, while Pinky keeps barking (the Bell doesn’t like it at all). I apologize to the guy for not understanding, then I sign and gives me this elusive parcel! I’m curious to know what it contains and especially from those coming because I didn’t order anything and really not imagine who might arrive!

When I enter home Pinky immediately begins to smell him very interested, I delete the wrapping paper and rest to fix the white box with a red bow on the fence on whether to open it or wait for Christmas …. … and if there is anything perishable?

Outside there is no ticket and I decide to take a peek just to see if there’s a note that tells me at least by those coming!!! … I lift the lid and see a ticket that I dive, then I see packages which I think immediately of pastry, a second later arrives at my nostrils the scent coming out of the box (I understand why Pinky was so interested!!!) that! How wonderful!!!!

Christmas surprise

A guest in this autumn of bed and breakfast, later also a friend, she thought and from his beloved Calabria sent me a feast of sweets made by skilful hands of her dad, sussumelle, crustoli and pitta ‘ inchiusa directly from the bakery 41 39 Palermo Via XXV aprile/Nicoletta & Crotone.Christmas surprise

This morning a Santa’s Elf sounded at my door and brought me a sweet and wonderful Christmas surprise!!!

Thanks for everything especially for the excitement, I felt again a child on Christmas morning!

Best wishes to all of you, Merry Christmas!

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