Baked cod

From our trip to Portugal this summer I snagged a passion for cod, so I started looking for a dealer then cook it, experimenting and making my own some recipes that I begin to share with you.

The first recipe is from a great classic, the cod with potatoes, but obviously done my way has become simple, easy Baked cod, and by adding or rather replacing a traditional ingredient (which to many is literally on the stomach) with one that I just found out! I replaced the classic garlic clove (indigestible to me) with one or more black garlic cloves with a delicate taste, absolutely digestible and pleasant aftertaste of licorice!

Black garlic is not a particular variety of garlic, but is the result of fermentation of the classic white garlic.  They use all the great chef is full of incredible properties (if you want to know more read here, here or here) so why not use it and replace it to the classic style in our recipes???

OK, it's not always easy to find on the market, though starts to find it on sale in supermarkets especially those alternative or those who have a little tour of bio well stocked but if you do not find it there is always the internet option. In fact, you can buy it in various formats in both segments which paste or even in the form of supplements, you'll be spoilt for choice.

You can find it on absolutely reliable sites such as or, I advise you to choose a type bulbs that derives from cultivation biology like this here

Baked cod

soaking time: from a few hours to a night

preparation time: 20 '

 difficulty: easy cooking time: 35 '

convection oven

Ingredients serves 2 people

500/600 g soaked Baccalà
4 or 6 potatoes (depends on how big they are)
2 teaspoons raisins
15 black olives
1 sprig of Rosemary
2 garlic cloves, black (one each that you can safely eat)
50 ml white wine + 50 ml water
Milk taste
Water qb
1 tin of chopped tomatoes cut in large chunks
Little salt


Salt cod soaked in 1/2 water half milkFirst, a few hours before preparing or better yet the night before, divide into portions the cod and place in a bowl covered with water and milk in equal proportions so that the pieces of cod continue to lose salt, even in larger parts. Leave it to soak for a time from two hours to one night (I commit to soak that already soaked).

When it is time to prepare the cod begin by turning on the oven and bring it to 180°.

Peel the potatoes and cut them with the mandolin sliced thin a few millimeters, wash them in cold water by rinsing them two or three times, then drained and lined the bottom of baking dish (I use that in China, but will be fine one you have at home).

Add a sprig of Rosemary leaves or if you prefer, a light dusting of salt and pepper, peeled black garlic, raisins olives and finally sprinkle with the wine diluted with water.

Baked cod preparationDrain the pieces of salt cod and place them on a bed of potatoes and herbs, then on each piece of cod put a spoonful of chopped chunks of tomatoes.

Baked cod preparation

Fired when the oven has reached the temperature of 180 degrees for 35 min on the bottom of the oven, the cod you will have to bake, but take care not to bother him too much.

Baked cod

Once baked, enjoy your Baked cod and Bon Appetit

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