10 things to do before I go

10 things to do before I go

The traveler Provident

Travel away from home to avoid problems and difficult to manage, this year, based on all our adventures/misadventures, I decided to draw up a list of 10 things to do before I go …. and of course, to buy a guide (lonely planet, rough, routard) of the country you plan to visit where you will find many other practical information!

Things to do before I go:

  1. check the validity of your Passport before booking your flight;

  2. schedule any vaccinations if required and necessary;

  3. inquire about the need for a visa and figure out how to get it (in some cases you can do via the app from your phone or on line, go directly on the official site, watch out for the Agency sites, that is, those that will make the saw, but in addition will ask payment for the service only to have it done by passing from their website! usually on safe travel you will find the link to the official);

  4. Get travel insurance including the repatriation (you can compare them on sites like facile.it or segugio.it or other similar comparative, for true which is the most suitable for you and the type of trip you have to undertake) we are loyal to coverwise, but there are countless companies;

  5. Remember to check in for flight a few days before we left and print it (you never know who the phone battery will leave);

  6. Print reservations of hotels or activities you have booked from home (for the same reason as above)

  7. Subscribe to the site of the Foreign Ministry where we are in the world with your period, even if only by maximum of country/countries that pass through;

Things to do before I go to the Bank:

  1. understand money you pay and if necessary order of dollars (for asia can serve and banknotes must be practically new, remember also that often the larger cuts get foreign exchange best es. denominations of $100 will get a better rate of denominations of $20/10 but will be most useful to pay directly);

  2. do checks on a credit card, please make sure that geocontrol there are conventions or particular banking arrangements for that country;

  3. use a prepaid card to make cash withdrawals from ATM machines international will cost less than traditional credit card use, because you only pay for the currency and not commissions as a percentage of the cash advance, so if you don’t have it evaluated to get make one of the most used (mastercard or visa);

Without the 10 things to do before you leave, you are ready to begin preparing the backpack!  

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