Things to put in your backpack for a long journey, list of things to remember.

Things to put in your backpack for a long journey, list of things to remember.

Preliminary preparations done now you can start to prepare your bag! Always to avoid forgetting things useful and having to be forced to buy her around, this year I made my list of things to put in your backpack for a long trip or list of things to remember.

Always cautious traveler series!

Here’s the list:

to organize the Backpack:

to travel by night bus or not:

  • earplugs

  • mask

  • Sweatshirt/jacket/sciarpa (vip buses to asia and South America are incredibly cold)

  • cover (in certain bus you will, but not always)

  • Inflatable travel pillow for neck

for the beach

  • sunscreen with a high sun protection factor

  • costume

  • slippers

  • personal mouthpiece to snorkel

  • Brazilian beach

General utilities

  • at least one international power adapter;

  • battery charger for phone and camera;

  • emergency power bank

  • Universal travel plug (if you are a long time you will ever have to wash some clothes and the sinks are always without caps)

  • Torch

  • Swiss army knife (in checked baggage)

  • travel laundry SOAP

  • cycling Cap

  • sunglasses

  • travel beauty case

  • Sleeping bag or sleeping sheet with zipper (I Harbor only in an emergency, but I finish that I use it all the time!)

  • Microfiber towel

  • Waterproof hood

travel pharmacy

  • insect repellant spray tropical, mosquito repellent or electronic diffusers with its plates, (keep in mind though that the availability of current does not cover all the 12:00 am, often at night is removed) you can try the new mosquito bracelets

  • Heat-resistant lactic acid bacteria

  • Intestinal antibiotic (bimixin, normix)

  • Broad spectrum antibiotic (augmentin)

  • Tormentilla Heel Guna Tablets (as antidiarrheal)

  • umeboschi pads/nux vomica 9 ch (against nausea and or vomiting or indigestion)

  • xamamina (if you suffer from motion sickness etc) or wristband account carsick 

  • various painkillers (aspirin/ibuprofen)

  • Analgesics (acetaminophen, Tylenol or similar)

  • Salve or stick to the beaks of various insects (slightly cortisone)

  • Ointment for bruises/muscle aches (based on arnica)

  • Disinfectant like betadine or hydrogen peroxide

  • Various patches

  • Band-aids for blisters

  • Sterile gauze

  • Travel hand Sanitizer (gel bleach or similar type)

  • any disinfectant for water (also water disinfect may need to brush your teeth)

  • Mineral salt supplements (if you go in very hot areas)

This is our travel pharmacy but if you want on the website of the Foreign Ministry Travel safe is a list even more scrupulous!

Now we’re ready to go!

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