Smoked salmon with white peaches

For these warm days, which probably will be the last of this hot summer there is craving for food fresh and different combinations! So I got inspired by the Bible “salt and pepper” of August that offers us a fantastic an insert “Raw”, All to make this dish cold smoked salmon with White peaches, also excellent as an appetizer for a fish dinner.

Smoked salmon with white peaches

preparation time: 8 ‘  difficulty: very easy cooking time: 0 ‘

Ingredients for two people

200 g of ripe White peaches 1 good quality smoked salmon (but not too) Sunflower Seeds lightly toasted lemon or lime zest untreated olive oil Salt and pepper rose also in grains

Preparation of smoked salmon with White peaches

  1. Do breathe out salmon.
  2. Peeled and pitted the fishing, then cut it into small squares and place in a bowl where you will flavour with salt, red pepper, a few drops and some grated lemon.
  3. Serve the salmon, season with pepper and oil, then spread over some fishing cube and a grated lemon peel.
  4. The remaining fishing place it beside as accompaniment, decorated by adding a note crunchy with toasted sunflower seeds.

Smoked salmon with white fish

If served as a main course you can accompany with a salad and some diced tomato, tender or he brought to the table as a starter will be perfect also salmon fishing by yourself!

Enjoy your meal with this fresh smoked salmon with White peaches!

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