Compote of quince apples and bergamot

It is officially started the frenzy of the race to the Christmas present! In This long week end of the immaculate we have just finished decorating the house, put lights, make trees and cribs, which here it is! The most predictors have already begun to look for their gifts, but since I know that it can happen to forget someone or to receive an unexpected gift and not get ready something indicated for reciprocate, today I want to leave you an idea, a suggestion, something that You can do it from you and that I am sure will be welcome even in case you want to offer it as a gift. I want to share my recipe of the Compote of quince apples and bergamot, as well as being easy and quick to prepare, I know that it will also be a welcome gift! Why do I know?  Because it has been among all the compotes/jams that I have experienced in recent years, the most successful one! The one that everyone tells me how good that jam was!

My advice is to prepare it for your family and for your friends and to keep some pot decorated to party to offer it as a gift in case of necessity! I’m sure you’re going to make a figure!

Compote of quince apples and bergamot

Preparation time: 45 ‘  Difficulty: Medium Cooking time: 30 ‘

The fruit compote is distinguished from the jam (jam if it is citrus) for the greater fruit content (more than 65%) and the least amount of sugar added.

Ingredients for the Compote of quince apples and bergamot

3, 5kg   quince apples bio

3 bergamot untreated or bio

1kg sugar cane

1 lemon

1 teaspoon baking soda (to clean them)

Preparation of Compote of quince apples and bergamot

  • Carefully wash the apples, taking care to eliminate the possible superficial fluff typical of quince apples. You can wash them in water and baking soda dissolved and pass gently with a sponge for the plates on the soft side to avoid scratching them.

Compote of quince apples and bergamot

  • Cut the apples quince into wedges, removing only the torso that is very hard, then cut into pieces.  Leave the peel, rich in pectin will make sure that your compote of apples quince gellifichi quickly without need to add thickeners of any kind!
  • Lay the pieces of Apple quince in a bowl with water and lemon as they are ready. The Apple quince oxidizes rapidly in contact with the air and the immersion in water acidulated will avoid this phenomenon, keeping a splendid color even to your compost!
  • When you have cut all the apples, drain from the water acidulated and put them to blanch for 20 min in a saucepan with abundant water to which you can add the rind of the lemon that you have squeezed before and you can also add one or more sticks of cinnamon or other natural flavors you like. This step serves to soften the quince apples (which are very hard of nature) to speed up the preparation of the compost.
  • As the apples boil, you can prepare the sterilization of the jars, I usually proceed in this way: I wash the jars then put them in the oven at 130-150 ° for at least half an hour, then I boil the caps in a pan for about 15 min.

Compote of quince apples and bergamot

  • After 20 minutes, drain the apples and put them in the pan for the preparation of the compost, add the sugar, the juice of the 3 bergamot and the Peel of 1 only of the 3, stir well and simmer 10 min.
  • Blend all or part of the mixture with the immersion blender and here is ready to be invaded your compote of quince apples!

  • Invade the compost leaving an inch of available space, close and spill the jar, cooling will make the vacuum! If the vacuum for some strange reason is not to be created, you can (even the next day) put the indicted jars to boil in a pan with water up to ¾ for at least half an hour, then let it cool upside down again, at that point there will be no more excuses!
  • Let the mixture rest at least 2 weeks before consuming it.

Here is ready your yummy Compote of quince apples and bergamot to use also as a Christmas gift for your friends, very easy to realize and to prepare in no time! Good on slices rusks great if accompanied by a drizzle of butter, ideal for preparing exquisite tarts! I’m sure they will.

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