Tokyo 5 days, 10 impressions

Tokyo is a modern city there are no historical areas since most of the city was destroyed in the Second World War, so do not expect to find ancient temples or other things like that, they are all or almost, rebuilt, here you come to visit a hyper modern and hyper-efficient metropolis, the trendy neighborhoods, the cheap and characteristic ones, the skyscrapers that stand out, the modern houses, the incredible shops and for lovers of the genre the shopping centers of all kinds!!!

As for the itinerary we have followed what Pina recommends in her book I love Tokyo that you should definitely read if you are going to come to Tokyo 5 days or even more!

My advice, a portable WiFi bar of soap for rent is a great solution to always be connected, especially to google maps in a city as big as this!!!!

To pina's advice I add my impressions of Tokyo 5 days:

  • This city is vampy-proof, everything is so clear, organized and fully functional that it is impossible to be wrong and even if you succeed it will not be difficult to remedy. Everything or practically everything is written in two languages, Japanese and English (unlike Italy), everything is accompanied by drawings, schemes or comics, including: prohibitions and instructions for use of anything (including toilet!!!). If not everyone speaks English, however, there is a machine / distributor that will certainly also be in English or the same thing you can also do via the internet in English! So don't worry, those who travel do it yourself (like us) will be able to do very well the same (bad that goes there is always sign language, with which they are also very good!!!)
  • Tokyo is the city of opposites and contradictions. Even in the cleanest city in the world where you do not see a card on the ground even if you try to drop it yourself (there is someone who promptly hands it to you as if your passport had fallen, I say this because it happened to me, not the passport, but the paper from your pocket) at night it can still happen to see a mouse on the street!!!
  • You find and you can do everything and I said everything, and the opposite of everything, but be careful to respect the rules and not to disrespect, because there is an alarm ready to sound or someone ready to point out to you what is the right thing to do! Kind, very kind, full of bows and formalities, but there is always an imperative in every sentence!
  • There is a neighborhood for everything and each neighborhood specializes in something, from food, clothing or fun and all of course to the nth degree (think of the exaggerated and still multiplied by 10). A quick rundown of neighborhoods that I liked and also didn't:
  • Harajuku in the narrow streets behind Omotesando dori (to be precise behind the kiddy landshop) where the glass giants leave room for the low buildings, architecturally modern and incredible, to be amazed. Here on the main street is the lovely flower market (which is actually a shop) where inside you can get a tea in a space very similar to a greenhouse. Delicious!
  • Daikanayama behind the fantastic Tsutaya bookstore there is another really nice neighborhood of low houses and cute little shops. From there to the long River Nakameguro the stretch is short and the river is unmissable especially in the sakura season (cherry blossom).
  • Ebisu at the east exit of the homonymous metro station, not far from the previous district, is another small intrigue of streets that I loved.

Shinjuku - Tokyo 5 days

mini bar - Tokyo 5 days

  • Shinjuku the neighborhood of extreme fun, incredibly overly blinding, a Las Vegas to the nth degree, a kind of big beacon for moths. Here, however, you will also find the delicious mini bar (for 5 customers at a time maximum) of Golden Gai really adorable, we did the whole tour twice before deciding where to enter! Do not miss, try the sake and prume wine eye but do not get carried away, they are not cheap!

Rikugien garden - Tokyo 5 days

  • Nippori did not excite me, the famous cat road is not that great. I enjoyed instead the magnificent ancient Temple Kyooji (one of the few remaining) with the houses (I assume of the monks) of wood and rice paper still perfectly preserve. At a metro stop from here there is komagome with the wonderful Japanese-style Rikugien garden.
  • They are obsessed with germs just see the advertising of masks on the subway (…) Someone puts it because it is cooled and does not want to infect others, someone instead not to be, in short, every excuse is good to wear a mask …. At the bus station I saw a girl open her backpack and the first thing above all was a new mask still in her cellophane!
  • The obsession with clean is so high that they clean on clean! I've seen cleaners equipped with shoulder vacuum cleaners vacuuming every escape of the subway stairs tiles…. Here are the cleanest public toilets in the world!

Tokyo's ramen mile 5 days

  • In Tokyo you do not die of hunger, there is the highest number of restaurants per capita in the world and all delicious!!! the best ramen we ate in a very small and characteristic place (without sign with characters understandable to us, see photo) of those where you pay to the speck after queuing and choosing what you want from the menu with photos (very easy), then enter as soon as you have freed a seat at the counter, eat and you leave even fast because often there is a queue and if there is a row the food is good. It is located in Hoppi Dori the pretty street in front of the Sensoji temple to the Asakusa district.
  • You eat the strangest and most incredible things including the yummy zaku zaku! All the best things have the name repeated!!
  • In the metro and on all public transport does not fly a fly, all shut up no one speaks (if not foreigners) many sleep others are engaged in mobile phones (in my opinion they put air conditioning sleeping pill), but as you enter a department store, kombini or similar, you are literally flooded with all kinds of music, sound, recall, coming from every product for sale or related advertising.
  • To be such a big city is amazing silenzia!

These are my impressions of Tokyo 5 days, if you want to tell me yours!

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