10 things to count on in Japan

There are things that make Japan the extraordinary country it is, such as the spasmodic attention to detail in everything they do, the incredible organization, the disarming patience and there are reassuring things on which, despite the trip can reserve at times pitfalls, a traveler or a tourist can always count on!

At the top of the 10 things to rely on in Japan we have:

  1. 10 Things to Count on in Japan - Spotless Bathroomsan impeccably clean public bathroom around the corner, wherever you are. Equipped at least with changing table and / or child seats and in the most luxurious cases of seats that open and disinfect at your entrance! How not to love a country with toilets like that!
  2. The fact that in every station, in every tourist district / country you can always count on the tourist information center, where you can ask for a map with the points and streets of greatest interest!
  3. The culture for food is comparable to the Italian one. Rest assured that you will not starve and you will not be bored in eating, there are thousands of types of foods to try! The Japanese don’t live on sushi alone even though they love it very much (and they have their own good reasons!!!!).10 things to count on in Japan - sushi You can always count on a cheap snack and dinner. An onigiri is a great snack, a bento, even from the supermarket, or a Ramen can save you dinner and wallet!
  4. In the best restaurants there is always a queue, they do it with orderly patience and without grumbling differently from us, but we can always count on the fact that, even if there is a line for the restaurant we have chosen, they eat fast!!!
  5. If western foods are offered in a showcase, rest assured that they will be as good as ours and maybe even more! They imitate and improve, try the zaku zaku (éclairé-like, but improved) and let me say!
  6. It rarely happens to find a train or a metro late. You can always count on the punctuality of public transport, they are always at the precise time per second!
  7. The big stations are more messed up than they seem! It’s easy to get lost, but don’t panic you can always count on someone in uniform to show you the way!
  8. Speaking of manic precision, you can always count on order and cleanliness really everywhere, for example the moss of the gardens is all clean and carefully placed clod by plate, with relative joints of colors and shapes studied in detail. If nothing is left to chance, much less is the moss, do not delude yourself that it is nature is all artificially natural!!! … even the shapes of the trees!
  9. Whatever you buy, be sure that it will be properly packaged even in the weather conditions, because they are the great masters of packaging and nothing is left to chance!
  10. A biscuit (of beans) with green tea is not denied to anyone! A comfort food that you can always count on is often an integral part of a visit to a temple or a park!

I close this last post on the 10 things to count on in Japan, with something you can never count on! Know it, in Japan there are no baskets on the street so your garbage you have to take home (or hotel) !!!! Because you definitely won’t find baskets! Especially do not throw garbage in the baskets of public toilets is strictly prohibited by law, do not ask me why, I do not know, but it is written and reiterated in almost all bathrooms! Because in Japan every place has its own rules and prohibitions always remember it!!!

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