AFFA-TAFI in the home kitchen
AFFA Tafi in the home kitchen

I’m not a chef nor I claim, my cuisine is simple, lightweight and fast everyday, made of fresh ingredients, processes that do not require special tools or techniques, but also made of experiments, interpretations and cultural influences.

I am simply a person who has always liked to cook since I was little girl, when to learn I watched my mother in the kitchen or my grandmother and aunts make pasta then pull the dough. The only indoor, among my companions  at the University time, to prepare a risotto, a scallop to the whiskey or another hot dish rather than eating lettuce with tuna in brine!

I liked to experiment since then, though not always successful! Like the infamous pumpkin gnocchi that any of my historical friends will remember!

A passion for backpacking trips began at that time, first stop Barcelona with her girlfriends! … afterwards the trips have become more challenging.
The passion for photography one can say the same, at that time took me a Pentax fully manual given to me by my father along with the basics, then the first step into the darkroom in the fantastic laboratories de l ‘ école d’Architecture et de paysage de Bordeaux, follow that available here in Ravenna to the Photography Club of Cral Mattei!

Abandoned the darkroom are now gone digital, with its pros and its cons.

I think that knowledge of a culture steps also and above all through the kitchen of his people, that’s why I love traveling around the world have stayed in the strangest places, from kiosks where you can discover cool drinks made from sugarcane juice and tamarind, to food markets to pick up clams to eat them directly there cooked on the grill!!

…. but the three passions have not contaminated so much as now that I opened this blog!

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