If you are planning a trip, foodie or not, or if you are looking for directions or suggestions on some place you’d like to visit, or if you are just looking for journals to anyone who has been in the place that you would like to visit, here you will find an index of those who were the adventures of Affe to discover the cultures of the small portion of the world who have visited (or that you are prepared to visit) since this blog is Open!


10 things to do before I go
Things to put in your backpack for a long journey, list of things to remember.
  • pre CAMBODIA

Visa for Cambodia 
… a few days to go!

  • in Milan

Expo 2015 Chapter 1
Expo 2015 Chapter 2

  • in Paris

A vegetarian in Paris!

  • in LAOS

Slow flows the mekong
Luang Prabang
From Vientiane to Koh Chang 12:00 am non stop!

  •  in Thailand

Bangkok cuisine
Bangkok to all Curry
Taxi drivers in Bangkok
Chiang Mai
On the border between Thailand and Laos
Koh Chang