Rustic biscuits without gluten and dairy

Here I am again to experiment gluten-free recipes, today we prepare rustic biscuits without gluten and dairy-free to participate in a talent contest to which I was invited by my colleague Bloggher Letizia di without is good.  The mix of flours I used of course is home made, which I personally created to try the sorghum flour for my first.

The result are these crisp and crumbly good biscuits, and I do not say to convince the judge of the talent, but I made them try to the last unsuspecting guest of my B&B and loved them with tea for breakfast!

…. but let's move to the hard and see the recipe

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Christmas cookies with chocolate and raspberries

These are the cookies I made as a Christmas gift, a few days ago to my colleagues!

The recipe was passed from my # 1 fan Giorgia, who makes delicious desserts and that had made me try these cookies a while ago, so this post is a tribute to her, to these great cookies!
My contribution to this recipe was restricted to wholemeal flour and rum that in biscuits I always like very much!
They are incredibly quick to prepare, ready in half an hour, so if you want to put something healthy in the stocking of the Epiphany you can do it in the morning and perfume the whole House!

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