Moles in a pan with citrus and pepper rose

Moli in padella agli agrumi e pepe rosa

With the first sunny days, when winter is coming to an end and the temperature begins to concede a few degrees more, here comes the “voglia di mare”, that will take you to go see if it’s still there, verify that the fog won’t be swallowed up … so Sunday taken by this desire we went to reassure us that he was still around where and how it should be.

The boats were in place anchored in marinas, seafood restaurants pelted their fragrant references to passers-by as if they were the sirens of Ulysses and the fishmongers were open with their abundant buffet counters, totally normal! And suddenly the desire to fish I can’t take it, axle, after evaluating what I could Cook in a short time, considering they were already past noon, I decide to buy docks. Yet I had no idea how I was going to get, but I knew that they would be ready in a jiffy.

So begins my mystery box on Sunday that turned into Moles in a pan with citrus and pepper rose, really delicious so much that I decided to write the recipe and share it with you today!

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Baked cod

From our trip to Portugal this summer I snagged a passion for cod, so I started looking for a dealer then cook it, experimenting and making my own some recipes that I begin to share with you.

The first recipe is from a great classic, the cod with potatoes, but obviously done my way has become simple, easy Baked cod, and by adding or rather replacing a traditional ingredient (which to many is literally on the stomach) with one that I just found out! I replaced the classic garlic clove (indigestible to me) with one or more black garlic cloves with a delicate taste, absolutely digestible and pleasant aftertaste of licorice!

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Squid stuffed with hazelnuts and almonds for the holidays

The most successful dish of these festive days were the “Squid stuffed with hazelnuts and almonds,” brought to the table on Boxing Day! …. could not be different, were a delight, tender and delicious!
The week before Christmas I was looking for a recipe for making these imaginary calamari which had decided to bring to the table, but there was something I didn’t like someone. …  This is always the biggest challenge in your kitchen, please all the participants to the table, especially for the holidays when it has often been in many!
The grandfather, who was a prisoner of the Germans during the second world war, does not like potatoes, eat only the white ones (though not very loving even those) while the other can’t even nominate, then it should be disposed of all recipes with potatoes; my mother prefers fish to meat and does not appreciate the tomatoes that are often paired with the fish! Thankfully not all are so demanding, my grandmother always like everything … and my dad likes things good with him is difficult I can go wrong!!
The solution was that I made up my own recipe, inspired by the thousand that I read in the previous days, and here’s the result!
If you want to try it, it is ideal for those who are thinking of fish brought to the table for new year’s Eve, of course … tell me if you like!
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Thai contaminations in the Escarole pizza

Home again and back in the kitchen leave automatically the first contamination Thai!
One of the principles of this intriguing kitchen is that in a dish there must be everyone in the right balance, salty, sweet, sour and spicy, so the other night I had friends over for dinner I applied to Escarole pizza!
Traditionally it is a typical Neapolitan cake rustic who is prepared with a filling of Escarole sauteed with a little oil and garlic, olives, capers, pine nuts, raisins, anchovies, all enclosed in a pizza dough.
In the past I was a version with addition of desalted salt cod and blanched, but now the salty sweet taste typical of this cake I added the spicy and sour from the latest Thai style influences.
Try it and tell me if it isn't great!

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