Now it’s Christmas

preparations for Christmas giftsThis morning, after doing my walk with Pinky typical vacation days, I was in quiet home to make preparations for Christmas, when suddenly the doorbell rings and Pinky as expected starts barking (which dog Sentinel that is!) answer the intercom, but obviously with the Pinky barking I do not understand almost nothing that tells me the guy on the other side of the wire. I can understand only “Curier” rest perplexed and repeat: “Curier??”  I’m going to say “look that has rung the Bell Curier” when he repeats: “Curier, Curier, Pack for Raffaella!”

“aaahhhhh! Courier!!! … I get off! “

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Finally the blog mangioviaggiando has become. it!


Today I renew my Christmas present!! I feel excited like a kid on Christmas morning while begins to unwrap the presents under the tree! That's the feeling I'm trying while I'm here I write the first post of the new Blog!

Yes, I did buy a domain, housting ( and switching to WordPress, perhaps not everyone will understand, but let me explain; for those who write a Blog get this gift is like a biker go from a scooter to a street bike, or a motorist from a 600 (and I mean 500 600, because now is a fashion victims and the comparison would shrink away) to a Ferrari!

Now you understand my excitement? And you will also understand why there is a bit of time since I published a post! … you have to learn to drive the Ferrari before going on the road!

Well, now we road the Ferrari! Continua a leggere

Pesto de persil

Malgré l’effet tropical chaud, Bangkok, ces derniers jours, l’été tire à son dernier souffle et je prépare mes plaies à mettre au congélateur dans des bocaux pour les rendre goût même en hiver !
En été plusieurs expériences j’ai fait un très similaire à la version originale de sauce pesto, au moins en principe, inspiré d’une recette de Maestra Giorgia Gerard, mais clairement, avec quelques variations.
Alors, voici ma version du persil Pesto qui aimé vous Diners avec qui je l’ai partagé !