Guinea fowl with orange

faraona all'arancia

These gloomy days make you want to pamper yourself with something good, so today I prepared this delicious orange guinea fowl with a nice side dish of baked red potatoes. Apart from the long cooking time the recipe is very easy and gives great satisfaction because with very few ingredients including seasonal red oranges the result is delicious. The sauce created from oranges and onion gives the meat a sweet sour taste really to be hocked, that’s why I share it immediately! Try to believe! Continua a leggere

Beef tartare

Tartare di manzo

Impress your guests by preparing two delicious beef tartare as a real chef is no longer so difficult, in fact it is actually easy fast and secure! It is no longer mandatory to have a butcher and a blast chiller! You may have noticed that recently in refrigerated coop appeared the tartare of beef cream under vacuum, if you haven’t noticed them because they’re delicious!! With these ready-to-use tartare will be a snap to make a great impression and prepare a special lunch or dinner!

This summer I got inspired often by the book “totally raw” which accompanied salt and pepper of August, in fact these two recipes are freely inspired by and modified by that magnificent monographic issue on raw!!

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Sbrisolona Cake Mantua

Those who follow me know that the city of Mantua with its treasures and its gastronomy, hit me in the heart, but also a little tastebuds! In September for the festival of literature we come back and we saw her in a different light, and crowded with people who are passionate about books, but above all we enjoyed again, and as the first visit we brought home another Sbrisolona Cake. ... that unfortunately is over too quickly!

Unable to live without Linkwithin valance, I decided to try to make it! Some time ago a friend gave me her recipe, but I hadn’t tried it, so I went looking for her and I made it, but gluten-free version!

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