Vegan soup in thai style

The sudden return of the cold makes me just want to soup! I therefore the ball the opportunity to prepare and offer this Vegan soup in thai style ethnic-inspired my soup, completely vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free, but really tasty because as I always say: “anything cooked in coconut milk becomes delicious!”

The recipe, as I said, is made without lactose and gluten and therefore meets the requirements of the contest The child’s Garden blog Without intolerant is good. The idea that brings me to present this recipe is to start children in General, but in this particular case the children with allergies, Eastern-flavored, taking advantage of the goodies of coconut milk to make them appreciate the vegetables!

Let’s see if I can do this!

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Pear and cheese pasta

ricetta della Pasta pere e formaggio

Everyone knows that pears and cheese is a perfect match to the extent that there is a proverb “don’t tell the farmer how good the cheese with Pears” on which was written a book! see here.

A combination of sweet and salty to which we can add a spicy and slightly agra to become extremely tasty!!

You will have understood that today I propose an original way to use pears and cheese, this is a very fast to prepare pasta based always on the concept of balance of sweet, salty, spicy and sour taste!

…. I just want to let you know how good is the pasta with cheese and pears!

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Chicken soup with coconut milk

By popular demand today I begin to share Thai recipes that I learned the Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai. My fav, so much so that it can consider my new comfort food par excellence, is the chicken soup with coconut milk (Tom Kha Kai), we'll start with this!

Probably the most difficult to accomplish, exclusively from the perspective of the research of ingredients, but don't worry, if you can't find them despite signs that give you for research, I have already experienced the possib
ILI substitutions with products available in Italy. An ingredient but I definitely find that this dish really does taste Thai, and is the lemongrass fresh!

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Simona rice cake

Today's post comes from a multiple collaboration!!
First: the recipe, for which I thank Simona that made me change my mind about the homemade rice cake!

I had never found a recipe for this cake that I met all the way and he had the strong scent of egg that has always given me the idea of "frittatona", until one fine day at the home of a friend, Simona precisely, taste his workhorse and I fell in love, so, needless to say, I do give her recipe. The secrets to avoid the effect "frittatona" are in addition of course to have a few eggs, rum, lemon, but especially the divide the eggs and put egg whites! My contribution, as a personal touch, the goodness of this cake are vanilla (instead of vanilla) and a nice cinnamon stick!.

Second: the presentation, for which I thank instead Serena Studio BÜ who was kind enough to lend me the plate of his creation that you see under the cake and my Christmas tree! If you run out of ideas for Christmas gifts, but not only, go and visit his site, there are lots of beautiful things!

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Parsley pesto

Despite the warm tropical effect Bangkok, in recent days, the summer is drawing on its last legs and I’m preparing my plagues to put in freezer in jars to make them taste even in winter!
In summer several experiments I made one very similar to the original version of pesto sauce, at least in principle, inspired to a recipe of Maestra Giorgia Ladokun, but clearly with some variation.
So here’s my version of the parsley Pesto that loved you Diners with whom I shared it!