Salad season!

Mixed salad with carrot Apple and Borage flowers
Mixed salad with carrot Apple
and Borage flowers
Easter celebrations are already a distant memory, while spring blossoms and summer is looming around the corner!!!
It's time to detox and get in shape!

From across the web they get inspiration and advice on how and what to do,

or get tips on what foods are best suited to cleanse ourselves and detoxify
One of these fundamental principles on which everyone agrees is that raw fruits and vegetables along with whole grains, represent the natural help not only to get rid of accumulated toxins, but because they contain vitamins, minerals and fiber, are not to ever forget what essentials to feed upon!
It follows that salad season has started!

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Almond tofu and basil pesto

almond tofu and basil pesto

 When I get home from work starts my challenge “mystery box” I’m late, I’m hungry and so little time, I open the refrigerator and the challenge starts … Today the pantry out tofu, almonds and basil. The result gave me a great taste in very little time, right to cooking pasta or so! Great for pasta or Croutons, but also put on vegetables from Browning in the oven by adding some bread crumbs and some flakes of almonds, or can turn into tofu burgers and accompany them with salad! In addition as other pests we can put what advances in a jar covered with oil and reuse it in different ways in the following days.

This recipe was also published on the website of worldrecipes. expo2015

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Oat dumplings in green bed

Oat dumplings in green bed
One of my favorite magazines for lunches or dinners is, needless to say, “natural food” and today I was intrigued by these oat dumplings that the journal linked to a simple tomato sauce, but I wanted to match them to the vegetables to make it a main dish, so I decided to prepare them for a vegetable soup, which I love and consider myself a comfort food the result I really liked, and very light low calorie, low Glycemic impact and vegetarian!
If you want to try is also very simple

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