Compote of quince apples and bergamot

Compote of quince apples and bergamot Composta di mele cotogne e bergamotto Compota de manzanas de membrillo y bergamota

It is officially started the frenzy of the race to the Christmas present! In This long week end of the immaculate we have just finished decorating the house, put lights, make trees and cribs, which here it is! The most predictors have already begun to look for their gifts, but since I know that it can happen to forget someone or to receive an unexpected gift and not get ready something indicated for reciprocate, today I want to leave you an idea, a suggestion, something that You can do it from you and that I am sure will be welcome even in case you want to offer it as a gift. I want to share my recipe of the Compote of quince apples and bergamot, as well as being easy and quick to prepare, I know that it will also be a welcome gift! Why do I know?  Because it has been among all the compotes/jams that I have experienced in recent years, the most successful one! The one that everyone tells me how good that jam was!

My advice is to prepare it for your family and for your friends and to keep some pot decorated to party to offer it as a gift in case of necessity! I’m sure you’re going to make a figure!

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Rustic biscuits without gluten and dairy

Here I am again to experiment gluten-free recipes, today we prepare rustic biscuits without gluten and dairy-free to participate in a talent contest to which I was invited by my colleague Bloggher Letizia di without is good.  The mix of flours I used of course is home made, which I personally created to try the sorghum flour for my first.

The result are these crisp and crumbly good biscuits, and I do not say to convince the judge of the talent, but I made them try to the last unsuspecting guest of my B&B and loved them with tea for breakfast!

…. but let's move to the hard and see the recipe

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Plumcake yogurt and fruit tatin

The recipe for this plumcake yogurt and fruit tatin I am going to give you is my workhorse of summer and probably using a different seasonal fruit, will also become that of autumn and winter!

With this light batter, because made with yogurt instead of butter, you can also make delicious muffins. In this case you can put fruit inside the Muffins (adding a little fresh fruit Compote between a spoonful of dough and the other in cups), or if you don’t have fresh fruit, you can also use fruit yogurt and season so! … be creative and create a thousand different versions but always delicious!

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Indoor tart, made with vegan gluten free shortcrust soy yogurt

Here I am with a new experiment this time a super No!

Always in “a sweet No is good for everyone, “today I propose a blanket tart made with vegan gluten free shortcrust yogurt soy,  preparation is much simpler than the name I gave you and the result is a tart gluten free, lactose free and without eggs, a species of great cookie of excellent jam!

… but no more talk and let the preparation!

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Persian love cake – #ReCake 14

It is said that after the holidays you keep coming back refreshed and full of desire to do!

Here I am, in fact, to take on the challenge of Re-Cake 2.0, taking advantage of the latest arrival in the family, the new and shiny, I prepared a Persian love Cake planetary proposal for the challenge this month of may 2015. In my belief exotic ingredients never fail, so we go to work!!

The result was a cake that won me over from the perfumes of preparation, will be my passion for spices, but I fell in love with it!

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Gluten-free and lactose-free Apple Pie

Tart rennets gluten and lactose free

Today I collect the invitation of Leti from the blog Without is good, that I knew through Instagram and who then invited me to participate in his child’s Garden contest intolerant.

In recent times, you already know that I have given to experimental “without” and based on the requests of the contest I experienced this flour mix gluten free homemade (those who know me know that i don’t like ready mix or flour deglutinate). The mix now is great for making the pastry and create both great gluten-free biscuits that a beautiful fruit tart. As the contest gave the choice between some fruits (and vegetables) I opted for Apple, great to create a fantastic puree to put on my biscuit-based  Tart rennets gluten and lactose free

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