Gluten-free and lactose-free Colomba Easter cake

Seemed at last spring, not only on the calendar, but also in the air, the Sun had returned to shine and to warm my bones moistened by the endless rains of recent weeks, this Idyll, however, was just a quick glimpse lasted just for a weekend! Trusting in Easter for the return of the Sun, I am given to experiments in order to prepare a gluten-free and lactose-free Colomba Easter cake.

I decided to use as a starting point the recipe for classic colomba with salt and pepper (my Bible), and started a study for riproporzionare the ingredients and try a gluten-free flour mix made in house (I had no intention of using the flour mix deglutinate, there are many gluten-free flour in nature, I don’t see why having to use those chemically deglutinate!)

It took a couple of attempts, some good suggestion and the consultation of some specialized blog (here and here for example) before being able to have a result that is not only good, it also aesthetically appealing!

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Soft cake Marina Braito gluten free and with Blueberry jam

Soft cake Marina Braito gluten free

I was looking for inspiration to make a cake in a gloomy Sunday when I stumbled upon this must of the web, the soft cake Marina Braito gluten free with jam, so I decided to make a gluten-free and lactose-free version!! This is because in recent times more and more people around me, that for different reasons, have eliminated gluten from their diet, some people have discovered to be celiac, who took off because he started doing blood diet Dr. Mozzi, who instead just because she’s better, regardless of the reason I accepted the challenge of gluten free!

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Crumble cake for Valentine’s day

If you are looking for inspiration to prepare a special cake for Valentine’s day, this cake is a great idea, a pastry stuffed with cream cheese and amaretto, sweet and sour together like love, but always delicious! Crumble cake is a classic in my family since I was small, we do it on special occasions, but not only that, it can also be realized in a cake pan to heart if you want, it will be a sweet ideal for Valentines morning awakening, please find your love the table spread with this cake and if a good day starts in the morning … Happy Valentine day to all!

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Christmas cookies with chocolate and raspberries

These are the cookies I made as a Christmas gift, a few days ago to my colleagues!

The recipe was passed from my # 1 fan Giorgia, who makes delicious desserts and that had made me try these cookies a while ago, so this post is a tribute to her, to these great cookies!
My contribution to this recipe was restricted to wholemeal flour and rum that in biscuits I always like very much!
They are incredibly quick to prepare, ready in half an hour, so if you want to put something healthy in the stocking of the Epiphany you can do it in the morning and perfume the whole House!

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Simona rice cake

Today's post comes from a multiple collaboration!!
First: the recipe, for which I thank Simona that made me change my mind about the homemade rice cake!

I had never found a recipe for this cake that I met all the way and he had the strong scent of egg that has always given me the idea of "frittatona", until one fine day at the home of a friend, Simona precisely, taste his workhorse and I fell in love, so, needless to say, I do give her recipe. The secrets to avoid the effect "frittatona" are in addition of course to have a few eggs, rum, lemon, but especially the divide the eggs and put egg whites! My contribution, as a personal touch, the goodness of this cake are vanilla (instead of vanilla) and a nice cinnamon stick!.

Second: the presentation, for which I thank instead Serena Studio BÜ who was kind enough to lend me the plate of his creation that you see under the cake and my Christmas tree! If you run out of ideas for Christmas gifts, but not only, go and visit his site, there are lots of beautiful things!

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