Pasta pears cabbage and porcini mushrooms

Our vegetable garden (vegetables for all of nettles) continues to give us a lot of vegetables also in winter version, so between cabbage, broccoli and cabbage are always looking for new ways to cook them and make them appetizing. Today’s recipe, pasta pears cabbage and porcini mushrooms, is the appetizing result of one of my usual experiments, tested several times is a condiment for vegetarian pasta (with wanting a vegan option) really to try. We come to the recipe….

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Pear and cheese pasta

ricetta della Pasta pere e formaggio

Everyone knows that pears and cheese is a perfect match to the extent that there is a proverb “don’t tell the farmer how good the cheese with Pears” on which was written a book! see here.

A combination of sweet and salty to which we can add a spicy and slightly agra to become extremely tasty!!

You will have understood that today I propose an original way to use pears and cheese, this is a very fast to prepare pasta based always on the concept of balance of sweet, salty, spicy and sour taste!

…. I just want to let you know how good is the pasta with cheese and pears!

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Parsley pesto

Despite the warm tropical effect Bangkok, in recent days, the summer is drawing on its last legs and I’m preparing my plagues to put in freezer in jars to make them taste even in winter!
In summer several experiments I made one very similar to the original version of pesto sauce, at least in principle, inspired to a recipe of Maestra Giorgia Ladokun, but clearly with some variation.
So here’s my version of the parsley Pesto that loved you Diners with whom I shared it!

I love the carbonara

traditional Carbonara
I love the Carbonara, as you have already seen many versions do, then get a Saturday morning that there are two girl friends sole for lunch and. .. by Let's eat together!  But what do you prepare? then just get a butcher under home compare some Bacon and resolves with a lovely carbonara in company, accompanied by a good bottle of wine (that never fails) so it's raining outside!

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Almond tofu and basil pesto

almond tofu and basil pesto

 When I get home from work starts my challenge “mystery box” I’m late, I’m hungry and so little time, I open the refrigerator and the challenge starts … Today the pantry out tofu, almonds and basil. The result gave me a great taste in very little time, right to cooking pasta or so! Great for pasta or Croutons, but also put on vegetables from Browning in the oven by adding some bread crumbs and some flakes of almonds, or can turn into tofu burgers and accompany them with salad! In addition as other pests we can put what advances in a jar covered with oil and reuse it in different ways in the following days.

This recipe was also published on the website of worldrecipes. expo2015

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