Tamarind chicken soup

Today we return to ethnic tastes and my version of chicken soup to tamarindo.  Tamarind is a typical ingredient in Asian cuisine I tasted in a variety of combinations during my travels in Asia, still remember with tamarind crab ambush watering I munched on Phu Quoc Beach in Viet Nam now has quite a few years ago.

I read recently, among the recipes of a blogger I follow (elder Flower), a stew of chicken in tamarind and peanuts and since I love the tamarind, I decided to try it, then while I could have lent the preparation I changed direction and decided not to make a stew from the sauce, but rather a genuine Thai-style soup because if there is another thing I love is dunking a lump of glutinous rice in coconut milk sauce and I didn’t want to totally deprive me and my guests to this delicacy, especially if in the sauce there is also the taste of tamarind!

So I set off on a tangent and the recipe has become remotely inspired by the original!  Try it I’m sure you lick his whiskers, too! Continua a leggere

Vegan soup in thai style

The sudden return of the cold makes me just want to soup! I therefore the ball the opportunity to prepare and offer this Vegan soup in thai style ethnic-inspired my soup, completely vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free, but really tasty because as I always say: “anything cooked in coconut milk becomes delicious!”

The recipe, as I said, is made without lactose and gluten and therefore meets the requirements of the contest The child’s Garden blog Without intolerant is good. The idea that brings me to present this recipe is to start children in General, but in this particular case the children with allergies, Eastern-flavored, taking advantage of the goodies of coconut milk to make them appreciate the vegetables!

Let’s see if I can do this!

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Oat dumplings in green bed

Oat dumplings in green bed
One of my favorite magazines for lunches or dinners is, needless to say, “natural food” and today I was intrigued by these oat dumplings that the journal linked to a simple tomato sauce, but I wanted to match them to the vegetables to make it a main dish, so I decided to prepare them for a vegetable soup, which I love and consider myself a comfort food the result I really liked, and very light low calorie, low Glycemic impact and vegetarian!
If you want to try is also very simple

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