Indoor tart, made with vegan gluten free shortcrust soy yogurt

Here I am with a new experiment this time a super No!

Always in “a sweet No is good for everyone, “today I propose a blanket tart made with vegan gluten free shortcrust yogurt soy,  preparation is much simpler than the name I gave you and the result is a tart gluten free, lactose free and without eggs, a species of great cookie of excellent jam!

… but no more talk and let the preparation!

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Soft cake Marina Braito gluten free and with Blueberry jam

Soft cake Marina Braito gluten free

I was looking for inspiration to make a cake in a gloomy Sunday when I stumbled upon this must of the web, the soft cake Marina Braito gluten free with jam, so I decided to make a gluten-free and lactose-free version!! This is because in recent times more and more people around me, that for different reasons, have eliminated gluten from their diet, some people have discovered to be celiac, who took off because he started doing blood diet Dr. Mozzi, who instead just because she’s better, regardless of the reason I accepted the challenge of gluten free!

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