Plumcake yogurt and fruit tatin

The recipe for this plumcake yogurt and fruit tatin I am going to give you is my workhorse of summer and probably using a different seasonal fruit, will also become that of autumn and winter!

With this light batter, because made with yogurt instead of butter, you can also make delicious muffins. In this case you can put fruit inside the Muffins (adding a little fresh fruit Compote between a spoonful of dough and the other in cups), or if you don’t have fresh fruit, you can also use fruit yogurt and season so! … be creative and create a thousand different versions but always delicious!

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Quiche of courgettes and yogurt gluten-free

Quiche de calabacín y yogur sin gluten

Our garden ( continues to produce courgettes, so while they worship the omelette with courgettes can’t eat only omelette! Then I thought of making a Quiche of courgettes, I will say: “a very original idea!” you know it didn’t take the ladder to think! Anyway I’m here to tell you about the last experiment, because obviously I couldn’t make a traditional quiche! Continua a leggere

Sbrisolona Cake Mantua

Those who follow me know that the city of Mantua with its treasures and its gastronomy, hit me in the heart, but also a little tastebuds! In September for the festival of literature we come back and we saw her in a different light, and crowded with people who are passionate about books, but above all we enjoyed again, and as the first visit we brought home another Sbrisolona Cake. ... that unfortunately is over too quickly!

Unable to live without Linkwithin valance, I decided to try to make it! Some time ago a friend gave me her recipe, but I hadn’t tried it, so I went looking for her and I made it, but gluten-free version!

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Persian love cake – #ReCake 14

It is said that after the holidays you keep coming back refreshed and full of desire to do!

Here I am, in fact, to take on the challenge of Re-Cake 2.0, taking advantage of the latest arrival in the family, the new and shiny, I prepared a Persian love Cake planetary proposal for the challenge this month of may 2015. In my belief exotic ingredients never fail, so we go to work!!

The result was a cake that won me over from the perfumes of preparation, will be my passion for spices, but I fell in love with it!

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Gluten-free and lactose-free Colomba Easter cake

Seemed at last spring, not only on the calendar, but also in the air, the Sun had returned to shine and to warm my bones moistened by the endless rains of recent weeks, this Idyll, however, was just a quick glimpse lasted just for a weekend! Trusting in Easter for the return of the Sun, I am given to experiments in order to prepare a gluten-free and lactose-free Colomba Easter cake.

I decided to use as a starting point the recipe for classic colomba with salt and pepper (my Bible), and started a study for riproporzionare the ingredients and try a gluten-free flour mix made in house (I had no intention of using the flour mix deglutinate, there are many gluten-free flour in nature, I don’t see why having to use those chemically deglutinate!)

It took a couple of attempts, some good suggestion and the consultation of some specialized blog (here and here for example) before being able to have a result that is not only good, it also aesthetically appealing!

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Soft cake Marina Braito gluten free and with Blueberry jam

Soft cake Marina Braito gluten free

I was looking for inspiration to make a cake in a gloomy Sunday when I stumbled upon this must of the web, the soft cake Marina Braito gluten free with jam, so I decided to make a gluten-free and lactose-free version!! This is because in recent times more and more people around me, that for different reasons, have eliminated gluten from their diet, some people have discovered to be celiac, who took off because he started doing blood diet Dr. Mozzi, who instead just because she’s better, regardless of the reason I accepted the challenge of gluten free!

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