Kyoto 4 days

Last stop of this trip to Japan sees us exploring Kyoto (previous stops Tokyo, Takayama and Shirakawago, Kanazawa). We arrive in Kyoto with a JR Thunderbird train, from Kanazawa (no Shinkansen, for this low budget trip) the ticket can be easily done in a small spot at the station one or two days before, the cost is around € 53 per head about.

Kyoto station is new and very modern (designed by arch. Hiroshi Hará, is a work of modern architecture to be included in the visit) contains everything, from plans and floors of shops to a floor dedicated to restaurants where you can always find something good, up to a cinema and a panoramic terrace from which if you had welcomed us a sunny day you could have enjoyed a beautiful view of the city, but it was not so, to welcome us was the rain!

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Kanazawa – Japan

After Tokyo, Takayama and Shirakawago we arrive in Kanazawa and return to modern civilization, a medium-sized city where all points of interest are within walking distance or a few bus stops.

Here there is no metro, but a fantastic bus service, where two in particular, yellow loop and green loop, are dedicated to tourists and touch all the points of interest one in one direction and the other in the other, in a circular tour from which you can go up and down for 200 yen at a time! The line ones have different prices based on where you go up and where you go down, you have to take a note from a machine at the entrance and compare the number with that of the panel placed at the exit where you pay by putting the corresponding coins in the appropriate box next to the driver. It's more complicated to describe it than to do it! The first time we went up we were a bit perplexed, but it's really simple if you really don't understand the language of gestures comes in handy…. Just show the driver the note and the money and he will take what it takes!!!!

With such efficient public transport and a nice walk, on a full day you can see a lot of beautiful places!

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Tokyo 5 days, 10 impressions

Tokyo is a modern city there are no historical areas since most of the city was destroyed in the Second World War, so do not expect to find ancient temples or other things like that, they are all or almost, rebuilt, here you come to visit a hyper modern and hyper-efficient metropolis, the trendy neighborhoods, the cheap and characteristic ones, the skyscrapers that stand out, the modern houses, the incredible shops and for lovers of the genre the shopping centers of all kinds!!!

As for the itinerary we have followed what Pina recommends in her book I love Tokyo that you should definitely read if you are going to come to Tokyo 5 days or even more!

My advice, a portable WiFi bar of soap for rent is a great solution to always be connected, especially to google maps in a city as big as this!!!!

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