Tamarind chicken soup

Today we return to ethnic tastes and my version of chicken soup to tamarindo.  Tamarind is a typical ingredient in Asian cuisine I tasted in a variety of combinations during my travels in Asia, still remember with tamarind crab ambush watering I munched on Phu Quoc Beach in Viet Nam now has quite a few years ago.

I read recently, among the recipes of a blogger I follow (elder Flower), a stew of chicken in tamarind and peanuts and since I love the tamarind, I decided to try it, then while I could have lent the preparation I changed direction and decided not to make a stew from the sauce, but rather a genuine Thai-style soup because if there is another thing I love is dunking a lump of glutinous rice in coconut milk sauce and I didn’t want to totally deprive me and my guests to this delicacy, especially if in the sauce there is also the taste of tamarind!

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Cashew chicken

Cashew chicken

Now you know my passion for Thai food, choosing between all Asian cuisines I always end up with choosing the Thai even though I look at all unsure a little when the Japanese options, instill in raw fish is my other passion about food!

Last week the Affe, in withdrawal from the East, along with a friend, you are immersed in the festive colors, sounds and scents of the Orient, on our doorstep, at the Fiera di Bologna …. and guess what food have satisfied their palate for lunch?? Well, obviously with Thai!! We found our favorite treats the KANOM KROK (coconut milk-based sweets crispy outside and soft inside) we filled up! Of course, there wasn’t much else, Bollywood shows tea ceremonies, all kinds of spices, tea for everyone and so much more, but back to us, in the wake of this tour “in Asia” today I give you my version of cashew chicken, because after trying the original version I found that for my taste a couple of vegetables in addition there are fine , making it a unique dish and complete! …. and I also add gluten free!

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Pad thai

When I get the urge to Asian food the first thing I think about is the Pad thai Thai [PAT taj](listen), think that even lately instead of spaghetti I do a Pad thai! You may wonder why! Well, apart from being very good, this is a full plate where there are proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats, gluten-free and you can do it also in vegetarian version or eliminating the egg also vegan! So what more do you want? … that you prepare in a short time? pPad Thai ingredientserfect is a dish for which it takes more time to prepare the ingredients you cook it, once everything is ready, it will take you no more than 10 minutes cooking! So what are you waiting for? Pick up the ingredients, to the store of confidence, and give it a try too! Continua a leggere

Red curry soup

We’re back speaking of Thai food, in the previous post on this topic I have talked about how and where to look for your ingredients (if you haven’t read or want to read here), but today we find that with these ingredients next do plenty including curry, in particular we begin with the Red curry paste!

First we will try to make it homemade, then with our pasta will prepare a delicious soup Gaeng Ped or simply the Red curry Soup.

This soup was voted the best dish of the evening in all thai dinners in which I proposed, so here I share it with you, I already know I’m happy a couple of girlfriends that eagerly await!

I must admit that I too the first curry paste I nailed her lead from London! But then I found a fantastic marble mortar to ikea and I made it at home despite some review, I wanted to see if it was good even with some ingredients in less!!! … and it’s delicious the same!! in fact the word curry “indicates a mixture of spices pounded in a mortar, forming a powder or a paste (depending on spices you use)” strongly scented “, then the very definition leaves open the interpretation also changes.

If you want you can try to make it your own by following the instructions you give you a result then you can use it a little at a time and kept it in a glass jar in the refrigerator, but if you don’t have time and want to do early can be found also in Ravenna at the jam packed ethnic shop in via Carducci of which did I mention that it offers different types!

Let’s start with the preparation

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Chicken soup with coconut milk

By popular demand today I begin to share Thai recipes that I learned the Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai. My fav, so much so that it can consider my new comfort food par excellence, is the chicken soup with coconut milk (Tom Kha Kai), we'll start with this!

Probably the most difficult to accomplish, exclusively from the perspective of the research of ingredients, but don't worry, if you can't find them despite signs that give you for research, I have already experienced the possib
ILI substitutions with products available in Italy. An ingredient but I definitely find that this dish really does taste Thai, and is the lemongrass fresh!

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Thailand-Chapter 3 Curry curry curry!

Duck in red curry
Duck in red curry
Now we have gained greater awareness of this cuisine and its specialties, so in the days following the gastronomic itinerary we venture to order different dishes from the usual rice or noodles, we run clinical trials and we tried soups; King prawns with tamarind; shells unspecified, immediately sent it back because it impossible to eat because you want to open one by one with your fingernails and sea flavor too strong, but the real find were the curries, unlike the first time we came in Thailand (when probably eat them in a wrong place) and there seemed bad, now we become true fans! Yellow, red, green, if done well, they are all delicious, you can pair them with your favorite meat or shrimp, mushroom and vegetable even ask.

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